Pre-school, Elementary and Middle School Admissions Policy


At Play English and the Bilingual School of Monza we admit children from the age of 1 years old up to the age of 13/14 years old, regardless of gender, social status, ethnicity, linguistic or cultural background. We aim to meet the needs of each individual child and provide a quality bilingual educational programme.

Pre-school – Elementary & Middle School

The school will admit children both at the beginning and during the course of the school year provided there are vacant places in the respective age groups.
For all school families there are set enrolment dates as stated in our school calendar.
All siblings have priority of places ahead of new families.
All children are placed in the relevant Grade levels, according to their chronological age, unless there are special circumstances which will be discussed and agreed upon with the child’s family prior to enrolment.
An assessment of the child’s/family’s needs and family’s expectations will be carried out prior to admission to ensure that our school structure, organisation, educational philosophy, provision and resources will offer the child and his/her family the best educational experience possible.
Language ability in one of the two school languages of instruction does not normally represent a barrier to the admission procedures. More specifically the school will admit children who may not speak one or either of the school languages of instruction up to Grade 1. From Gr 2 onwards language ability levels will be assessed through an informal interview and/or entry test in order to ascertain the need for extra support or resources. The family will be informed of the assessment outcomes and, in the case of confirmed admission, of school expectations, action to be taken and expected outcomes .

It is part of our school philosophy not to withdraw children from the classroom environment in order to offer additional language support (English as a second Language or Italian as a Second Language). The school curriculum is accessible for all children. Our school adopts the sheltered programme approach to support second language learners and to enable children to attain their full potential in all subject areas.
Parents are expected to provide previous school records for their child(ren) and a letter of attendance. It is at the school’s discretion to contact your child’s previous school for further information when and if necessary.
The school will endeavour to organise a taster session for your child in his or her new classroom before admission.
The Head Teacher will consult with the relevant staff members during the admission process. The family will be informed of the school’s decision within a week of their application for enrolment.
Upon confirmation of admission the family will have to complete all necessary enrolment procedures and fulfil all the necessary financial obligations within three working days. Following this the school will inform the family of the date the child will start school.

Class size and structure

Pre-school Section

The school aims to maintain the following class sizes and pupil-adult ratios:
Pre school (3 to 5 years old) max20 children adult /child ratio 1:10

Elementary and Middle Schools

The school aims to maintain the following class sizes and pupil-adult ratios:

Transition: max 22 children

Grades 1 to 8: max 22 children

N.B.1. In Transition only if numbers exceed 15 children a part-time classroom assistant will be provided to support the teachers and students, whereas a full time classroom assistant will be provided should numbers exceed 20 children.

N.B.2. According to the National schools admission regulations, schools are allowed to enrol an extra 10% of pupils in order to make up for daily pupil absences. This may imply that although more children may be on register in each class, the established school adult-child ratio should almost always be maintained.

Admissions by age

Children between the ages of 3 to 5 are admitted to our Pre-school Class(es).

The school will admit children as follows :

In the 3 – 5 years old group in Pre-school: children who will turn 3 years of age by the end of December and will turn 4 by the end of December for that academic year.

All children entering pre school must be toilet trained and will not be admitted if still in diapers/nappies.

Pupils may be refused admission if:

· The relevant class is full.
· If the school is unable to meet the educational needs of the child.

N.B.1 The school may offer to admit the child on the basis that an individual support assistant be appointed. The cost of this assistant will be met entirely by the parents.

N.B.2 4 Week Assessment Period
When a new child/ren start attending our school, during their first month of school, they will all be observed and assessed both formally and informally, by their Italian and English class teachers. During this period the teachers will be able to assess whether the placement of your child is appropriate and beneficial, socially and academically. This period of time allows the teachers to make a professional and well informed decision regarding future arrangements for your child/ren’s education.
We strongly believe that each child be treated as an individual and all our staff are trained to address the teaching and learning to the needs of all children. Each child is placed in the class where the educational provision best serves his/her needs.
The class teachers will meet with the parents and Coordinator/Head Teacher to discuss how the child has settled and feedback their observations and assessments. Only at this point will a joint decision be made to move a
child from his/her age and Grade level.